Is blogging for everyone?

Blogging is an interesting tool with many applications. Even when just looking at it in the Enterprise sense, there are different ways to get value from it.

Two of the main ones are:
  1. As in internal communication of a teams or individuals current work focus, or
  2. As a way for a CEO or Marketing team to connect with the companies stakeholders and customer base.
This second one is sometimes seen as troublesome because of the two-way nature of blogs and the ability to have disgruntled customers comment their opinions publicly. Surprisingly though, this very openness seems to build a trust with readers. They see a blog with healthy debates as a sign of transparency and honesty, something many marketing executives pay millions in traditional advertising to generate for the brand.

So much so that management guru Tom Peters recently announced at the Inc 5000 Conference that "If you're not blogging, you're an idiot". Click here for a short video of Tom's thoughts, including the fact that he is probably going to stop writing books due to the success of his own blog.

Thanks to Cheiftech on twitter and Debbie Weil's blog for the reference.

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