Having a sticky in your wiki!

A few people lately have asked about my Master's research project and I realised that while I talk about it a lot I haven't really posted what I am up to, so for anyone who is interested, I would summarise it this way:
The corporate Wiki seems to be highly suitable given the fluid nature of distributed cognition within the Small to Medium Enterprise environment. The limited and usually grass-roots adoption of Wikis in this sector suggests that the organisation's culture effects why and how they are implemented due to it's strong influence on Knowledge sharing in general.

To prove this hypothesis, my research will study Wiki use in SMEs and build a model of what cultural factors play a part in their uptake and success.
After researching 5 companies in Melborne and Sydney, the thesis is coming together now and I hope to make it available to interested parties early in the new year. I am also looking at publishing it on the Digital Thesis Database or the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses register if you have access.

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