PODCAST: The impact of structure on knowledge sharing - Stuart French

Last month I got the chance to sit down with Edwin K. Morris from Pioneer Knowledge Service to talk about the Knowledge Management work I do, and how I ended up doing it.

Edwin is one of the nicest blokes I have spoken to in a long time. He is genuinely interested, even though he could probably school me in quite a few KM topics. Our conversation was natural and we shared similar views on a lot of important topics. In short, he is a master interviewer. Disarming, humble, passionate, deeply experienced and willing to challenge an idea to tease out what's underneath.

At the end we talk briefly about what knowledge and KM is. You will be hearing more about this important topic from me soon. Not because I think I know the answer, but rather because I'm over seeing the damage done when we choose to leave it unanswered.

In any case, please enjoy this chat about why KM is so important to me, how my approach is a little different to what you may see in corporate KM. I hope you get ideas from some of the things I have done to help keep nurses and doctors safe from AIDS, ships from capsizing at sea, clean water flowing from our taps, and 55,000 volunteer firefighters keep safely saving lives and property for decades to come.

Did I mention how much I love what I do? 😍

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