Analysing 43 definitions

Stephen Bounds, a contributor to the ActKM forum has done an analysis of the 43 definitions of KM and published it on his Wiki.

He broke the definitions down by theme and interestingly, the top 5 came out as follows:

  • Improved Execution (28)
  • Knowledge Distribution (26)
  • Knowledge Creation (21)
  • Learning (14)
  • Value from Knowledge Assets (12)

He made the comment in his posting that he was surprised at the number of process-based definitions that don't actually require any "management" to do KM. I'm not sure but I think this is to be expected when it comes to KM Definitions. The tactic stuff isn't just hard to do, it's hard to define too, so they would easily be out-numbered by the definitions focusing on the more explicit forms of KM. In fact I'm surprised that more didn't focus on the technology itself.

His Wiki page can be seen here.

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