Quantitative Wiki Study

A few years ago I came across Tim Bartel from the University of Cologne who was also conducting a study on Wikis.

Unlike my qualitative study, Tim's was survey based and looking for big numbers to build a general picture of wiki use, similar to Penny Edward's work.

I was excited to know I wasn't alone, and made a note back then to reference Tim's study when he made it available online, but until I was reminded today I had forgotten. So here is the link (Sorry Tim!)

The study looks at several factors of wiki use including company size and location, wiki age, objective and success as well as what problems were encountered alone the way.

  • Bartel, T 2006, Wikis in Enterprises: Collaborative Working in Enterprise Environments using Wikis, Department of Personnel Economics and Human Resource Management, University of Cologne, Germany, Cologne, Germany, viewed 22-May-2007, .
  • Edwards, P 2007, 'Managing Wikis in Business', Technology Management, MBA thesis, Open University Business School.

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