Nice Intro to Enterprise 2.0 and BPM

As you can probably see here I am always looking for good ways to explore and explain Enterprise 2.0 to people at different levels of the journey. The trick, I think, is to expand their tent a little at a time. Give them a taste of the benefits then introduce the next set of ideas.

Today I linked to Mark Masterson at Computer Sciences Corporation in their Germany office.

I came across him after his post about Enterprise 2.0 and organisational culture turned up in my weekly Google search results. I plan to continue my conversation with him next week on that subject, but it's nice to find somebody on the other side of the world with such similar interests and viewpoints.

Mark has posted some presentations on his Linked-In profile that take aim at those looking for process automation and pointing out the benefits of using (Gasp of horror!) humans instead of computers to do some tasks that - as it turns out - computers really aren't that good at doing.

So, if you are at the crux of developing business processes, or have crashed and burned a few business system projects, then have a look through. It's just 24 pages, explains itself pretty well and is definitely worth your time.

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Anonymous said…
Mark added this presentation to the Business Process Management group on Slideshare, you may want to check it out for a number of other interesting BPM and Enterprise 2.0 presentations:
mastermark said…
Thanks for the plug, Stuart. I'm looking forward to the conversation as well. I saw your comment about the shiny graphics somewhere as well, so thx for that too -- but credit where it's due: that's all thanks to @trib, who pointed me at iStockPhoto (, and who is a never-ending source of inspiration to me when it comes to presentation design.