Go for the prizes at KM Australia!

This year at KM Australia I will be speaking on using the game of Go to understand complexity in your business and how to manage better within these environments.

Associate Professor Helen Hasan will also be speaking on Go at the conference, specifically the Go*Teams application and how they used it at the University of Wollongong to study how teams communicate within complex spaces where communications are constricted and virtual.

The organisers have decided to make the most of the Go theme and have announced a Tournament for the conference. 16 players will face off over a number of rounds to see who is the best Go player in the KM world (well, second best, I don't think they will let me play :).

The games will be played on smaller 9x9 and 11x11 boards to keep the games short. See here for more details.

The prizes on offer are substantial too! For example:
  • a copy of the latest Ark Group KM Publication,
  • a pass to attend the KM Australia Congress in 2012
  • a Corporate Wine Pack courtesy of Pepper Tree Wines
Only delegates at the conference can apply, so register for KM Australia now and sign up for the tournament straight away to be in with a chance to win. It is taking place on the 19-20 July 2011 at Luna Park in Sydney.

What is Go?
GO is a game in which two players contest for territory. One of the two players uses black stones and the other white stones to mark out their respective territories.

The player who has captured more territory at the end of the game is the winner. Since the players are to fight against each other over territory within a limited space, the game involves many varied forms of contest.

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Doug said…
Hmm.. ok, I will bite.. I would be happy for you to play, and hopefully my registration went in today.
Stuart French said…
Great Doug. Have you played Go before?

I hope to have a 19x19 board with me too if you are interested in a full game together on the last day.
Doug said…
Played quite a lot of go, please bring the 19 x 19 along. Should be fun.
Stuart French said…
Excellent! I might ask you to help during my session to guide the newcomers to the game to understand the basic rules. We will have 24 11x11 boards during my session and will be teaching everyone to play, starting with Ponnuki-Go and then finally moving to proper Go.

Do you know any other Sydney players who might be interested to come in and help for my session?
Doug said…
Unfortunately I haven't really played in years since I left Melbourne, and I am based in Canberra these days. Can certainly try to help out though. Have you considered posting on the AusGo list? http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/AusGo/
Old fashioned technology I know, but it still works ;-)
Stuart French said…
Yes I did, some time ago Doug. Aguido told me to speak to the Young Go Academy in Strathfield. I will try again.

In the meantime, if any KMAUS11 delegates are reading this and think they could help out, please let me know. Basic knowledge of Go is all that is required: Liberties, Suicide and Ko rules.