Blogs, blogs, everywhere!

I have been sorting out my blog and getting it "plugged in" to the blogosphere!

What does this mean??? Well, Blogs aren't just some guy or gal standing on a soap-box. They are a web of posts and comments, opinions and feedback. A sort of unofficial peer-review if you like.

You might have noticed on the left side of my blog a list of other blogs that I read frequently. Many of these have a Technorati Profile or are listed on and statistics are kept of how many people are reading the blog, comments made, etc. More active blogs get recognition and status. In effect, they are more "trusted".

Many of the blogs I read a very trusted. Some authors have years of reasearch and publishing under their belts and others are experts in the media or have gained great reputations working in the field. Some have several blogs, each with a different topic. Sometimes the real-world reputation transfers...and sometimes it doesn't. The nice thing is that no single person decides. It's all part of the blogosphere!

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