Gurteens Perspectives...All 20-odd of them!

David Gurteen has one of the first KM blogs I ever subscribed to.

For those of you who don't know him, he lives in the UK and amoung other things has created the Gurteen Knowledge website for the Gurteen Knowledge Community - a global learning community of over 15,000 people in 154 countries.

David sends out the Gurteen Newsletter fairly regularly and today's included a special treat I thought I would share.

For the past two years, David has written about 20 Gurteen Perspective articles for Inside Knowledge magazine and has decided to make them all available online via a service called Calameo which turns PDF files into online books. I think it works quite well, especially for this format.

You can see the result here. Sometimes funny and always with a point, David's articles reflect his many years experience with the movers and shaker of the Knowledge Management world. Highly Recommended reading.

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Mireille Jansma said…
Hello Stuart,

How wonderful, I went to check out your blog and I at once found something very interesting: this booklet by Dave Gurteen. I had read about it in his newsletter, but it slipped my mind and I would probably not have started to read it (or only way, way later), if not for your post.

And this was just your last post. I still have to expolore the rest. :)


Regards, Mireille