Watch & Learn about Confluence

I have enjoyed watching Atlassian really embrace Enterprise 2.0 from within including a strong twitter presence and excellent use of their blogs and forums. I have been a user of their Confluence Enterprise Wiki product for several years and today I came across a page of videos (thanks @NeridaHart) showing some Confluence tutorials. Click here to check them out.

My favorite one, about Sun using confluence to connect their 25,000 users is below for your enjoyment. Notice the focus they have put on user reputation and how they have handled it. The next version of Confluence, v3.0 which is due out any day now, has some of these features now built in, including the ability to follow other people and see what content they are posting.

If you are new to confluence, then take 2-3 minutes to check out the video on 5 user cases here.

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