Some of my favourite Enterprise 2.0 resources

This morning I am helping run a "Discover your inner Geek" session for the KM Round Table in Melbourne.

As such I thought I would list here some of my favourite Enterprise 2.0 blogs and sites. Enjoy! It is by no means exhaustive (I have hundreds listed and I feel bad leaving so many great ones out) but this should get you started on your E2.0 journey.

Firstly the more official ones. Prof Andrew McAfee is the gentleman who came up with the concept of Enterprise 2.0 and his blog frequently discusses the definition of Enterprise 2.0, and when it is (and isn't) applicable for use.

Secondly is probably the home of natural complexity both in theory and practice. David Snowden's work on Sensemaking has helped me form an understanding of the changes in management theory and how these possibly disruptive ideas can be used to make the most of the new global business environment without simply trusting in new tools or techniques because they worked in another context. His blog is called Cognitive Edge and the site also includes podcasts to help get you up to speed as you drive/train home each night. His recent discussion about the difference between Go and Chess is a favourite.

One of the people who takes Andrew McAfee's ideas and expands on them is CNet author Dion Hinchcliffe. Great big picture guy. You will find his work at various places like the CNet site, his main blog is here and his Web2.0 blog is here. All are worth keeping a tab on every now and then.

One of the guys in this space who thinks a lot about how all this interacts with the culture of your organisation, and more importantly how you should see your organisations culture, is Stephen Billings. Check him out here.

James Dellow from Headshift is somebody with broad experience, but especially in the Intranet and Government sides of enterprise social computing. Known as Chieftech, I highly recommend his blog here.

From Canberra, Stephen Collins is more at the marketing end of Web2.0, but his thinking is deep and clear and he is a great communicator. I enjoy his blog as a way to learn how to inform business people about E2.0 and this article is one of my favourites (partially because it touches on the impact of culture & implementation and some of my thoughts on it).

Wondering about how to make a business case for Enterprise 2.0 in your organisation? Check out this nice report by Louise Ross of the CIMA.

Finally, I encourage you to start building your network of peers. Once great way is on twitter and this page has a great list of E2.0 tweeters around the world. This is a Google Docs spreadsheet and you can add your own details here so others can find and follow you.

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PeterC said…
Thanks Stuart. I value your analysis and so will check out a couple of new/forgotten links that you have given. Peter
Stuart French said…
Thanks Peter. For experts, I'm sure there are some better places to go (I have many bookmarked), however this gives a good intro for more technical people who are new to E2.0 and complexity theory.

In some ways, getting past the uncertainty inerrant in a complex adaptive system is far harder than grasping the details of a given tool or service. Its more about changing your world-view or the organisation and it's marketplace environment, thus my choices.