Talking Complexity and Go with Creative people

I recently had the great opportunity to share my talk on Complexity and Go with the Melbourne CPX group (The Creative Performance Exchange).

It was a wonderful morning with broad variety of backgrounds in the room and it was fascinating to see how differently people dived in to the game and then drew the concepts together. Go really is an amazing window in to how complexity theory can be both understood and used in our vocations.

There were quite a few tweeters in the group and Nicky Hayward-Wright was kind enough to collate everything about the morning, including all the tweets in to a storyline. It gives a really good picture of the morning and which parts people thought important.

I really do just present a few concepts and facilitate this presentation. It is the Go Board itself that does all the teaching. I find the people who dive in and play and fail as quickly as possible are the ones that not only learn the most, but walk away with a stronger idea of what complexity really is.

I have evolved the way I present this talk since I first did it two years ago. While it is a very immersive experience, you can browse through the latest presentation below to get a grasp on the game and the key concepts.

I can't wait to do this with a larger crowd at KM Australia in July. Hope to see you there. In the mean time if you would like to try Go, you can do an online tutorial, download an iPhone app and even play online against people from around the world of all different strengths on the IGS of KGS Go Servers. You will find me on KGS as "kurokaze20", please say hi and challenge me to a game.

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