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The post below on ActKM from Keith De La Rue at Telstra presents an interesting application of the People first, technology second principle at Lend Lease.

Peter-Anthony -

You asked about a "... collaboration Enterprise tool that enables you to find internally (to the Org.) the individual (or group) who has the right experience/knowledge to help you out with a specific problem?"

I'm surprised that no-one seems to have referred yet to the Lend-Lease "ikonnect" model (unless it came in since the last Digest). I am not an expert on this, but from what I understand, it relies on people first, and systems second. A central group of well-connected people field questions for experts, and use their personal networks to connect the question askers with the relevant experts. After the question is answered, they document the response. This way, a data base of both experts and expertise can be built up.

You can see the public face of this - with the names of contact people - at

Does this help? Hopefully someone out there has more info on this. It seems to me to be a really strong application of Organisational Networks.

In fact, what we are talking about here is meta-expertise. Sort of sounds a bit like Luke's post on where Librarianship is going...

"We are moving away from content and collection, and moving to context and connection."

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