What a wonderful time to be alive!

I have been fascinated over the last few weeks to see what is described here as "Twitter content or garbage", however I view it a little differently.

Most people see twitter as the technology. In fact the tech is just a communications enabler for a community. Now the Twitter community is fairly new, in a phase of high growth and as such has a loose culture. However this culture is morphing, maturing, in this case before our very eyes. Clay Shirky has discussed this in terms of the China quake in his recent TED video.

Many fell for the recent Jeff Goldblum incident by retweeting about his unconfirmed death, however they learned, etiquette has adjusted slightly. Today with rumors of a jet going down in the Indian ocean, tweets were a lot more reserved. People linked back to sources more. We are seeing a new culture develop right in front of us (or around us and in us if we are on twitter ourselves).

What a wonderful time to be alive!

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