Its not that hard to understand!!!

I had to laugh when I came across this cartoon today.

Occasionally when I talk about Knowledge Management (often without using the term KM) people react as if the entire idea of thinking about what you know is totally new to them. Nevermind that fact they spent years increasing their knowledge at school university, TAFE college, not to mention the hundreds of books, videos, meetings, lessons people spend just on their hobbies!!

Managing your personal or company's knowledge is not a dark art, it simply involves thinking about that you know and how it might be needed by you or somebody else down the track. Sure there are those like me who decide to go deep and become an expert in all the ways this can be done on larger scales, but really KM is something everybody should be thinking about in a small way every day.

Yes, you may use an accountant to pull your taxes together each year, but you don't consult her when you need a bottle of milk and a newspaper. In the same way, you may need a Knowledge Manager to help implement better knowledge sharing across company departments of different sites, but most of the time it is just about getting in the habit of asking yourself one simple question: "How is the next person who needs to know this going to find it?"

Preferably before you are dead.

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