Go Twitter to the rescue

While trying to purchase some materials for my presentation and KM Australia later in the year, I ran in to some difficulties. Twitter helped lead to a fantastic result.

I had been tracking down some Go Stones for my presentation of Complexity and the Game of Go that I first did at KMLF last year. The problem was, the Australian supplier had run out of stock and couldn't get any new stock within my time-frame.

My only option was to look off-shore and after a few back and forths with suppliers in the USA I found out they had low stock issues as well (it seems people don't by Go equipment during an economic downturn!). So next stop was Asia. A workmate helped with some Chinese sites, but it was 6brothers in Korea that had what I wanted. The only issue: their site was not only totally in Korean, but Google Translater wouldn't work on it either.

I put out a call on twitter to see if anybody could speak Korean and within an hour somebody replied saying their wife was Korean and she could help. Bing-ta-da-boom and a few emails later I had the order winging it's way to Australia, for even less than it would have cost to buy locally.

Notch up another win for Twitter.

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